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Save Money by Bundling Insurance

Save Money by Bundling Insurance

You may be constantly looking for ways to save time and money, especially if you’ve fallen trap to the fast-paced, busy lifestyle that leaves you with little time or money.

An InsureLine Insurance Broker can help you when it comes to simplifying your bills and saving money through your insurance policies. Do you have a separate policy for your home, automobile, business or toys? With those each comes separate bills, separate contracts, separate renewal letters, separate contacts, and more. Consider asking your InsureLine Broker to look into consolidating all of your insurance.

Bundling your insurance policies can often save you up to 15% or more.

SMART Bundling

S – Save time by one-stop shopping. You can work with one insurance broker for recommendations, clarifications, questions, claims, and other issues.

M – Make only one payment for your insurance premium and sign only one policy renewal contract.

A – Advise your InsureLine Broker about all the different insurance policies you have in place, or would like to have in place, and ask if they can be bundled; saving you money by earning a multi-policy discount, as well as time, by having your broker search many providers to find the right policies with the best rates and discounts.

R – Rest easy if you have to file a claim or receive a traffic violation. If you bundle insurance, you will have one point of contact to handle your situation and your insurer is less likely to cancel your policy if they hold other policies with good records.

T – Trust that if you should file a claim and it involves multiple policies, that your claim will be handled efficiently. For example, claim overlap can occur if you store your boat in the warehouse of your business and you have a fire.

Make the SMART move by Simplifying Insurance with InsureLine, and saving a bundle one insurance policy at a time.