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Insurance Broker Versus Insurance Agent

If you are shopping around for insurance, you should know the difference between an Insurance Agent and an Insurance Broker. There are some important differences you need to know that will save you time and money.

An Insurance Agent is captive, and works directly for an insurance company. Agents are an extension of the insurance company and receive commission and possibly a salary. Their main focus is to only sell that insurance provider’s products and services.

An Insurance Broker on the other hand can shop around to many insurance providers on-behalf of their client. They are independent, and are not limited to just one insurance provider. They work for the client, NOT for the insurance providers. An insurance broker is required to hold a license and undergo extensive education and training. They take on more responsibility on behalf of the client by analyzing their needs and risks to ensure the client has enough coverage.

An InsureLine Insurance Broker has access to an extensive array of insurance providers, and can assist you in shopping around for the best insurance deal available.