General Insurance

How to Get the Best Insurance Rates

You can cut your insurance premiums in half if you know how to shop around for insurance, and that’s where we come in – at InsureLine, we do the shopping for you. Factors related to getting the best insurance rates include:

Terminology and Mathematics

The first step in education, for any subject, is to understand terminology. If your plan is to make an educated decision on insurance, you need to understand the terms used; their definitions, as well as synonyms and antonyms. A benefit of the internet is that you have the definitions at your fingertips. Some examples are: liability, collision, comprehension, and gap. Once you have a good understanding of the terms, move on to mathematics and statistics. Look at your financial situation, the value of your assets, how much money is needed to protect those assets if someone is permanently damaged at your expense and the probability of an accident occurring for each line item or coverage point on the plan.

What Affects Rates

The factors that affect rates include: deductible amount, claims, type of vehicle, age of roof, theft deterrent systems, safety devices, location, multiple policies, payment plan, previous claims and credit score. If you have traffic violations, find out when they come off your record. Ask about discounts and what it would take to qualify.

Obtaining Quotes

An InsureLine Insurance Broker will help you make an educated decision, and navigate the insurance path. An InsureLine Broker works for you, and NOT the insurance providers, so they shop around and compare policies and will explain the similarities and differences in a language that you can understand – working in your best interest. They also hold Errors and Omissions insurance if they should make a mistake in their recommendations. InsureLine is paid a commission from the insurance company, not by you, and in shopping around they save you money so you don’t need to feel like you are paying extra for their services.