Pet Insurance

Does the Breed of Dog Affect Homeowners Insurance Rates

If you are a new pet owner, be prepared to be discriminated against when it comes to obtaining homeowners insurance. The entire province of Ontario, in addition to other localities across Canada have enacted regulations pertaining to some dog breeds. In North America, 4.5 million people suffer dog bites each year, with about 900,000 requiring medical treatment. Who is going to pay for the medical bills when a postal carrier walks with a package to your door and your mild-mannered dog feels threatened and breaks through the screen biting the carrier’s leg? The answer is the insurance company that holds your liability insurance as part of your homeowner’s policy.

With those statistics, you can understand why insurance companies would hesitate to insure dog owners. Some insurance companies have a list of dogs that are black-listed because they can cause severe damage with a single bite. Some of the breeds are relaxed breeds, but have strong jaws and large teeth that could strike if provoked. Little dogs bite more frequently, but the insurance claims are minimal so they don’t appear to be as much of a threat.

What do you do about this? First, find out if you are in a Province that outlawed breed profiling, restricting a company from denying or cancelling a policy because you own a certain breed of dog. Second, contact an InsureLine Insurance Broker to find out about insurance policies on dogs and ask what factors are considered when giving a quote for insurance.

Only some insurance companies are worried about the risk of a claim as well as the bad publicity resulting from a bite. InsureLine Brokers work with many insurance providers an already know which providers are pet lovers and who will avoid contact. They can advise on insurance providers that will offer you the best price for your home and your furry family members.