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InsureLine Plans Expansion On Mars


InsureLine Plans Expansion On Mars

After recent discoveries and advancements made by NASA with the successful landing of the Mars Rover, a Canadian insurance brokerage franchise is already making plans to open its first location on the Red Planet.

“We have had interest from a prospective franchisee for the opportunity to open our first location on Mars,” said Aly Kanji, President and CEO for InsureLine. “Mostly we have independent insurance brokerages that convert over to become franchisees, or they are brokers with an existing book of business who have equity in their book and decide they want to start their own business. We rarely do start-up locations without any volume, but we are willing to make an exception in this case.”

Today InsureLine has offices in 4 Canadian Provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.

“InsureLine wants to see the independent broker channel continue to survive and thrive, which is why we created our franchise model. Every franchisee is an independent licensed insurance brokerage and InsureLine doesn’t own a single share in the business or have any right to the clients. We are trying to help independent brokerages survive in the face of the consolidation in the industry. We help by uniting independent brokerages and provide scale with technology, access to product, marketing, and systems, while providing head office support. Our people are best in class professional brokers who want to grow their business, remain independent, yet have access to the scale and resources to enable them to compete,” said Kanji. “Making sure independent brokers survive in the new colony on Mars is very important to us.”

There has been increased conversation in recent weeks about the opportunity for humans to colonize Mars, especially as Mars remains a COVID-free zone. Although there are no imminent plans to begin colonization yet, InsureLine wants to be prepared for the opportunity when it presents itself. The brokerage franchise is making plans to solicit reinsurance markets to put together products to be made available for the first human settlements on Mars.

“Without insurance nothing will get built in outer space,” says Kanji. “And if you believe any of this, we can sell you tickets on our first rocket headed to Mars on April 1, 2022!”

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